You learn from failure not success

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The Secrets of Recovery After The Mock Results

Have you just received your mock results and you are unhappy with your grades? If so, fear not, stay calm and focus on the Junior Certificate – this is the real exam. You might have been convinced you studied and worked hard enough in preparation for the mocks, so you feel hard done by with your results. If this is the case, you have the ability to drastically improve your grades, all you need is some help and guidance.

Concentration Is Key

You must stay focused and concentrated on the long-term goal – achieving the grades you want in the Junior Cert. Poor results in the mocks are merely a little setback, but must not set you off your path. You need to have an extremely high concentration level from now till June. Plan your weeks by delegating different topics to each of the days – this allows you to target every area in every subject, so you forget nothing.

Your motivation needs to be relentless, while your focus must be tireless. If you just decide to be lazy about your study due to poor results in the mocks, then this attitude will follow through with you not only to the Leaving Certificate, but also to the rest of your life. You need to be willing to sacrifice going out with friends in order to keep this concentration till the Junior Cert. Of course you should go out and have fun at times, but only as long as you get your planned work done everyday and stay focused on the goal. If you want to learn how to keep concentration and how to improve your studies, just sign up to JC-Learn now.

Do Not Give Up

These are the four most important words you must remember until the end of the Junior Cert, and even until the end of your life. Let’s say you tried hard to do well in the mocks, but you failed some exams and just performed poorly in general. You will be devastated with this, but you cannot let it bring you down. You must forget about, and focus on what you did wrong.

Many teachers will bring you down too. Some of them will emphasize how poorly you performed and make you feel even more unhappy. Forget about them. Keep reminding yourself of the reasons why you want to do well in the Junior Cert. You must remember that you can literally achieve anything you want in the Junior Cert, but only if you do not decide to give up after poor results in the mocks. This is all easier said than done, but sometimes all you need is to keep reminding yourself this. If you desire some motivation from somewhere, sign up to JC-Learn now.

Learn How To Improve

The most important thing to do after the mocks is learn how to improve. The way to do this is to dissect each of your exams and see where you went wrong. You must learn how to improve every one of your weaknesses, and you only do this by constant practice. You must be consistently doing past exam papers. As daunting as they may appear, they are an absolute necessity in your studies if you want to learn how to improve from the mocks and how to perfect your answers.

If you can quickly understand where your weaknesses are in each of the subjects, then you can easily improve all of your grades. The only way to do this is to study harder, and study smarter. How do you do this? Sign up to JC-Learn to learn everything you need to know and also learn how to study better in each subject.

Do Not Fear Help

Many students are afraid to receive help from somewhere, whether it is paying for grinds, a book or a study site.  They may be embarrassed or simply do not have the funds to pay for this extra help – this is all completely understandable. But, let’s face it, if you really did poorly in the mocks, you need to get some sort of help in order to improve for the actual Junior Cert. So, where is the best place to get cheap, quality help?

JC-Learn offers A-grade notes, past exam answers, study advice which all specifies in each subject. With a membership price at just €20, why would you not sign up to it for all the help you need? Especially when you compare it to other prices of study sites, which can exceed €50, and even to the price of grinds, which can be up to €40 an hour.

At the end of the day, if you are unhappy with your mock results, then the best possible option to save and improve your grades for the Junior Cert is JC-Learn, without a doubt.

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