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How To Make €20 Easily .. Again And Again!

Desperate to find a way to earn easy money to spend after June? Can you not find any job which provides you with good money? Here at LC-Learn, we have a truly great offer which no student could reject. Click HERE if you want to earn easy money!

If you do not know LC-Learn, here is a quick introduction. It is an online study website for Leaving Cert students. This website was created to provide all Leaving Certificate students with the notes, exam answers, and advice that will help them achieve the highest marks in the country.

The goal at LC-Learn is to simplify the Leaving Cert for all students. It is our mission to save students valuable time in their exam year and increase their chances of improving grades. We feel there is insufficient help online for Leaving Certificate students so LC-Learn is here to combat this problem.

We have come up with a ‘rep system’, whereby anyone can approach us to become a  rep (ambassador). All of our ambassadors must first be full members to ensure they are familiar with LC-Learn! So why become an Ambassador? We will also give you €20 (via Paypal) every time you sell 5 memberships to your friends. What’s even better is that all your customers will get 25% off the price when they use your schools custom discount code (which we will give to you). This makes it even easier for you to sell LC-Learn.

Your roles as an ambassador include spreading word of LC-Learn to your school, publicizing our work on social networks, share our facebook/twitter and sell as many memberships as you can to your school mates. You will also be included in our exclusive LC-Learn ambassador’s group where you will get sneak peaks and our personal assistance on anything Leaving Cert related.

I think the most important thing to remember is how you can do this again and again. Maybe you just need to earn easy money and cannot get a job. If you approach us as a full member already, and if you can sell 5 full memberships, then you get €20 – and you can keep on selling memberships to build up the amount you get paid by us.

If you are interested or have a question fill in the ‘become a rep’ form on our site and we will be in contact very soon. The form is so easy to fill out, and can be done within a couple of minutes.

Click HERE if you want to earn easy money!


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