The Truth Behind Success In The Junior Cert

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So, what is the truth behind real success in the junior cert?

The junior cert is an exam which can destroy people. Many get overwhelmed by the daunting set of exams facing them. In order to achieve the grades you want in the junior cert, you must work relentlessly throughout the year. The real truth behind not only success in the junior cert, but in life as a whole, is that there are simply no secrets to achieving what you want. Your goals are not just handed to you on a plate. The only way you will obtain your what you desire is by stopping making pointless excuses, and by giving it everything you have.

Now, if you feel lost with a just week left till the junior cert, stay calm. Many of you probably have worked as hard as you can. You have been studying throughout the year and have been doing your best. However, we all can still dread the worst. What if I forget everything on the day of the junior cert exam? What if I fail an exam? The key to succeeding is by being confident in your abilities. You must walk into that exam thinking that you are ready for it. You must eradicate any signs of doubt or negativity in your ability, and now is the perfect time to do it.

Many students believe the junior cert means nothing. Who cares if I do not ‘succeed’ in it? Well, the truth is most of the time our attitudes stay with us forever. Now, what I mean by that is if you are lazy about the junior cert, this attitude will probably carry on with you not only to the leaving cert, but in your further life. Is that something you really want?

If you are someone who is reading this and preparing for your junior cert, you must trust me. You want to achieve the best grades you can, right? Well, if that is the case, then once you have worked as hard as you can throughout the year, stay confident during the exams and be proud of whatever you get. When I refer to ‘success’ I do not mean getting all A’s in the junior cert. My interpretation of true success is someone who has given it all they can and has got graded for it – whatever those grades may be.

From my own personal experience of achieving the grades I wanted in the junior cert, here is what I would have to say to you. The only way I did it was by constant work throughout the year, then by slowing down slightly in the days leading up to the exams, in order to save my mental strength. Our brains are like our physical bodies. Too much exercise makes us tired, just like too much studying right before the junior cert exams makes us mentally drained. You must be in perfect condition for the exams.

Throughout the exams I always stayed confident. If there was a question I did not know, I did not panic. I trusted my abilities and did my best to answer everything. I avoided distractions and gave every single exam my all. There is no room for leaving early in any exam, and there is certainly no room for dropping your concentration at any point. Overall, if you want true success then it is not easy – you must be prepared to grind. A perfect way to make the struggle of the junior cert easier for you is JC-Learn. A study website which simplifies the junior cert through our notes, exam answers, study tips, ‘ask an expert’ service and so much more. Join the rapidly-growing crowd now in signing up to this revolutionizing website.


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