The Day Of A Leaving Cert Exam

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Unsure as to what to expect on the day of a Leaving Cert exam?

The Leaving Cert timetable is one of the worst things a student will see all year. The timetable will be monitored closely by every student completing the Leaving Cert. It may look as daunting as anything you have ever seen before, but trust us here at LC-Learn when we say it is not as difficult as it may seem.

English is tough to start. The key to this exam is to be constantly writing. If you do not have a sore hand coming out of this exam, you probably have not written enough. However, we must also remember that quality always comes before quantity. The timing for this exam is extremely tight – you have to be constantly be checking the time or else you will not finish the exam, it is as simple as that. The next generic subject that most will do is maths, which can be seen as the most difficult subject. You must prepare for the unexpected as you may not understand a lot of the questions at the first glance, but remember there is always a way – you just have to think hard enough.

Irish is next and this exam involves high concentration throughout. Time may be a challenging aspect of this subject too, especially paper two, so take that into consideration. I won’t go into the other subjects in detail, as everyone does different ones. We could go on all day about describing the subjects but we will leave it there for that, and move on to what every student should actually do on the day of the Leaving Cert exam.

What To Do On Day Of Leaving Cert Exam

The day of any Leaving Cert exam is a stressful one. You should wake up early so you give yourself enough time to be in the exam hall for a half an hour before the exam starts. You should get a big healthy breakfast into you and drink plenty of water. Many students will cram as much information you as possible on whatever subject the exam is in, but this is not what you should do. Our minds are like our bodies. When we run too much we get tired, just like when we consume too much information too quickly our minds get tired. You need to be going into every exam when your mind is at its peak ability – this is the only way you will achieve your maximum potential.

So, the solution is to have sets of really shortened notes on the content of the subject so that you can scan through it before the exam to refresh your mind. Realistically there is only so much you can learn in the hour before an exam. All the work should have already been put in, and this hour before should merely be a time where you quickly remind your brain of the information and relax before an intense few hours.

At the end of the day, we can give tips on what you should do right before the exam, but it could mean nothing for you unless you have been putting in the work in the months before the exam. That is where it is all won and lost. It is just like a football match. A team wins a game due to all the work they have been putting in on the training ground, just like a student achieves great grades due to the tireless study they have been doing in preparation for the exam.

So, if you do not feel prepared for the Leaving Cert and if the Leaving Cert timetable scares you just too much, LC-Learn is your solution. We are an online study website with revision notes, exam answers and study advice, all across a wide range of Leaving Cert subjects. Click HERE to sign up now!


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