Leaving Cert French Subjunctive Phrases

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The subjunctive is a very difficult tense to grasp for students. In our grammar notes, we go through the subjunctive in detail, but often students avoid using it as they are afraid go grammatically incorrect in their usage. We strongly advise you to get to grips with the Leaving Cert French Subjunctive tense.

If you include a few subjunctive phrases in each question you answer in the written production or the oral, the examiner will be very impressed. In our grammar section we have notes on the subjunctive tense but these set phrases are so useful as you know for sure that the grammar is correct.

The use of the Subjunctive can be what separates the H1 students from H2/H3 students.


General Leaving Cert French Subjunctive Phrases

– Il faut qu’on fasse quelque chose pour résoudre à ce problème. = It is necessary that one does something to solve this problem.

– Bien que la vie soit agréable (ici en Irlande), il y a des problèmes… = Although life is nice (here in Ireland), there are problems…

– Il faut que nous puissions dire que certaines choses ne peuvent pas être acceptées dans notre société. = It is necessary that we can say that certain things cannot be accepted in our society.

– Il faut que nous attaquions ensemble à ce problème. = It is necessary that we tackle this problem together.

– Je suis ravi que nous ayons réussi à trouver une solution. = I am delighted that we have succeeded in finding a solution.

– Il faut que nous fassions avancer ce projet avec énergie. = It is necessary that we move this project forward with energy.

– Il faut que le gouvernement prenne ses responsabilités pour qu’on puisse lutter contre …. = It is necessary that the government take their responsibility so that we can fight against … (insert issue).

– Il semble que ce problème soit grave. = It seems that this problem is serious.

– Je doute que ce soit vrai. = I doubt that this is true.


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