Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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It’s a great bit of advice that I would really urge anyone doing the Leaving Cert to take on board. I made the mistake of ignoring everyone who told me this. I made the mistake of thinking that more hours meant better study.

How wrong was I? Very.

Study lost meaning, there was no value to what I was doing – it was simply counterproductive. It left me stressed, overwhelmed and full of anxiety. I wasn’t getting anything from the studying. Reflecting on it now, it would have made so much more sense to set out small blocks where information can actually be absorbed. If I was doing the Leaving Cert again, I would break my study into smaller, more manageable blocks.

I’d also make sure I got out of the house for exercise. Students become so fixated on the exams that exercise is often neglected. It has so many benefits – it helps relieve stress, improve your mood, increase your quality of sleep and overall simply to improve your brains function. Exercise during exam years is a no-brainer (excuse the pun!).

It’s true that January is a tough month for sixth years – fact. Homework, study, projects, the dreaded mocks and the CAO looming. A few words spring to mind; bleak, overwhelming and stressful.

However, it is completely manageable and there is now more support than ever for students to help them study smarter, not harder (you’re on a great support site now, LC-Learn). These tools support students, they simplify the stresses and minimise them. supports students with the CAO. We simplify college options by providing a quick, easy and user-friendly site that allows you to Search, Compare and Explore courses all in one place. Students don’t have time to search through hundreds of texty pages on different websites, so we do it for you. We love that.

We are a completely free service, we launched last month because we wanted to support the 70,000 students applying to the CAO, we wanted to give students the search engine we would have loved to have.

Spotify makes music easier, Netflix makes movies easier, makes the CAO easier.

Work smarter, not harder

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