Why the Junior Cert is so so important.

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Is The Junior Cert Important?

This is the real question, isn’t it? Most people will tell you during your preparation and studies for the Junior Certificate that it ‘does not matter’ or that it is ‘pointless’. I will be as honest as possible with you about the truth on this topic. These people could not be any more wrong. This is speaking from experience, as I am a changed person since achieving my goals in the exam, and I have witnessed those who never studied crumble under pressure in life from then on.

Preparation For The Leaving Cert

The Junior Cert is the best preparation possible for the Leaving Cert. Most of us can agree that the idea of a terminal exam at the end of two or three years does not suit everybody, but we must face the fact that this is what it is – the Irish education has serious problems but we must deal with it.

The Junior Cert teaches you how to study correctly for a set of the exams at the end of a year, and this preparation is vital for going into your leaving cert in a confident manner. If you decide to not bother with the Junior Cert because it ‘means nothing’ compared to the leaving cert, then I truly believe you are giving up in school in general, as your laziness will carry on with you into your studies for the leaving cert. Remember also that if you do not achieve a high grade in one of your subjects in the junior cert, the chances are that you will not be allowed to do higher level for that subject in leaving cert. If you are wondering how to get a high grade in any subject, sign up to JC-Learn now.

Poor Results Equals Drop-Out?

The statistic that over 12% of all students leave school after the Junior Certificate may come as a surprise to you, but it is true nonetheless. These drop-outs occur due to a lack of effort or motivation in school. If you do not start focusing on your studies for your Junior Cert, you will inevitably fail and you may join this group of drop-outs, it is as simple as that.

If you want to take your life and your future seriously, then start working, or your poor results may easily turn to you leaving school. Let’s face it, if you do leave and do not complete your leaving certificate, you will endure a very difficult life and it will be very tough to ever bounce back from this – so it is time to begin working. Do you want to join that 12%? I doubt you do, so just go to JC-Learn now.

Learning Fundamentals

The Junior Cert gives you all the fundamentals you need and all the basic information on a lot of different areas in life, like science, geography, business etc. You may hate some of these topics, and fair enough if that is the case – some of them are very boring. But you must understand that it is good to have this variety of knowledge in your brain. You must always realize that any knowledge gained is not useless knowledge – it may be a benefit to you in the future. Where better to learn all of the information in the courses of these Junior Cert subjects than JC-Learn?

Begin In The Right Pattern

You may say if you fail your Junior Cert, you can pick yourself up again and ace the leaving cert, if you have a sudden change in mindset and start actualy working. If you believe this, you are right. But do you really think you will suddenly start working and becoming motivated to study, after barely doing anything for three years? The answer is no, you will probably stay lazy as you will be now trapped in this poor mindset of ‘school is pointless’ and ‘the junior cert means nothing’. The only person you are kidding is yourself.

You must begin secondary school in the right pattern by studying hard and doing as best as you can in the junior cert. If you really do your best, your passionate attitude will follow you not only to the leaving cert, but also in everything else you do in life. You must learn early that the only way you will achieve anything in life is by tireless work – there is no way of getting around it. So, if you do begin in the right pattern, you have set yourself up perfectly to achieve whatever you want from then on. How do you begin this pattern? Become a member of JC-Learn.

Gain A Confident Mindset

This is the key to the Junior Cert. You probably will gain a huge amount of confidence from it. If you do, this will be brought with you to the leaving cert, and will allow you to achieve what you want. Confidence is so important in all aspects of life. If you really want to be the best at whatever you do, you need to have a confident mindset, and when better to gain great confidence than in your first state exams?

The only way you will become confident is if you study hard for the exams. If you do not, you will perform poorly and will most likely give up hope and motivation for exams, meaning your leaving cert results may also be poor, and any other future exams. There is no easy way around it: you have to study. I believe the importance of the junior cert is downplayed immensely – the confidence which there is to gain from these exams is priceless. You must reach for it to achieve your goals.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Most of us in this world follow the crowd. We are all like sheep in a herd. But there is some people out there who thrive on standing out from the crowd. They love being the best and being recognised appropriately for their work. If you are one of these people, you must start working now. This is where it all begins in life. It is not the leaving cert, it is too late by then if you have adopted a lazy attitude due to you not studying for the Junior Cert.

Everybody loves being rewarded. Humans in general love it when they receive praise and acknowledgement for work they did. The only way you will achieve this is by working every night. And you must adopt this attitude early in life. We all must finally realize just how vital the Junior Cert really is. Many of you reading this (if there is any of you actually left) may forget about all of this. But those who actually want to start taking their life and their future seriously, this is where you start.

If you all can understand just how important the Junior Cert actually is, then take a look at JC-Learn. In order to get whatever grades you want in the Junior Cert, you just have to sign up to JC-Learn. It gives you everything you need to achieve whatever you desire in the exams – what else do you really need?

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