Junior Cert timetable 2016: Print it off now.

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It’s so important to know your dates!

The Junior Cert timetable has been out quite a while now, but many students still won’t be familiar with how each day goes until the night before! It’s really important to visualise how each day will go like. Study the timetable and make sure you know the dates and times well before the exams.

It’s good practice to mentally prepare yourself for each day as some days will obviously be more stressful than others so try to anticipate these days! Generally, the first day is always the worst. Two English papers which contain the guts of five hours writing non-stop isn’t pretty, believe me. After the first-day things get a little bit easier and after the second day, you will be flying. Trust me on that one. The final exam will be no problem to you at all so don’t worry!

It’s advisable to print this document off and stick it up in your room maybe! Once again if you want to perform in the Junior Certificate check out our site for all the top tips and tricks. Not the mention the revision notes and A-grade exam answers.

Print off your Junior Cert timetable here:

Junior Cert timetable 2016
Print off your Junior Cert timetable now.

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