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My name is Sophie Ray, a current transition year student who used ExamLearn last year. ExamLearn is a website that really helped me during my Junior Certificate revision process. From using the site, I was more aware of what things I needed to focus mainly on, to achieve the results I wanted. While researching information and web sites during the exam year, I found nothing like or near as good as ExamLearn. I heard about ExamLearn from a friend, a few months, before my Junior Cert but I wish I had heard about it sooner! In my opinion, it has all the facilities you need to make your revision worthwhile and rewarding, without spending hours studying or reading books tirelessly, cover to cover.

ExamLearn is a site that really has it all when it comes to your Junior Certificate preparation. Everything you need is conveniently located on one easy to use website. It provides all the necessary revision requirements you’ll want. The website mainly provide: clear all-inclusive subject notes, a wide variety of exam papers, sample answers of the highest quality and an extensive range of valuable tips.

The tips available on the site are of benefit to you during third year and at numerous stages of your school cycle also. No matter what the question or query you may have, you will surely find your solution in the tips section! If not, there are expert members of the ExamLearn team available to answer any questions directly from the site by message or email. I had to contact members of the site at one point and they were most helpful and friendly.

I found ExamLearn specifically useful with two subjects in particular; Geography and Religion. I used the notes from the website to revise for a number of other topics also. I saw a huge improvement myself, in these subjects, as a result of this excellent website. After receiving my results last Wednesday, I was delighted with the grades I received. I got grades in subjects I happily didn’t expect. I earned these grades as a result of; practising exam papers, revising my ExamLearn notes in short spans and using all the other beneficial resources that ExamLearn had to offer.

The hassle, time and constant effort into making and writing your own notes is simply minimised because ExamLearn has done all the work for you! All you have to do is revise, remember and recall the information and material when it comes round to exam time. ExamLearn uses simple but effective ways in aiding students with their revision.

The material, for each subject and separate topics within various subjects, is all simplified into quick and easy points. There are no endless blocks of text to read and no complicated language. The material is easily comprehensible for all. ExamLearn is available on many social media platforms, so you won’t miss out on any updated news from the JC-Learn team.

If you are finding it hard to achieve your potential during exams or are seeking high-quality material and notes to study ahead of exams, ExamLearn is the place to go! I’d highly recommend it as I got the grades I wanted and you could too! Many other helpful facilities are available on the site also…so just take a look for yourself! 🙂

By Sophie Ray.


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