How Parents Can Help During Exams.

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As a parent, you would be very surprised at the powerful influence you have on your childs success in the Junior or Leaving Cert. You are one of the few people constantly with them. A child often mirrors their parents, whether it is through personality, intelligence levels, or just general traits. Attitudes coming from a parent can radiate throughout a household – if the parent is showing worry about the exams, this emotion can be caught by your child. So, stay calm and be confident in your childs ability. There are a few things you, as a parent, can do to maximise your childs potential in the Junior or Leaving Cert.

Give Your Child Space

Most students tend to get quite stressed leading up to the Junior or Leaving Cert. This is common. As a parent, you must give them space and allow them get through this difficult time in their life. This does not mean you completely isolate them – of course you maintain the same relationship with them. However, a child with that extra bit of freedom and responsibility on their shoulders can suddenly thrive and realise why they need to study.

Personally, my parents saw what the exam really meant to me. They understood that I wanted to achieve my absolute potential. They let me get on with my work and gave me space in times when I was under pressure to get my studies done. They allowed me to keep a high level of concentration in the weeks leading up to the exams, and this paid dividends in the long run.

Be Motivational and Proud

You must be encouraging your child to work hard. This will help motivate them to study. Many parents offer children incentives, like a sum of money if they get an A/H1 in a subject. I believe this should not be how it is. If I were a parent, I would try to explain why they should want to get an A or a H1 in a subject, rather than just offering incentives. If they can really understand that they should work for a sense of pride and accomplishment then they should never need incentives.

If your child has been awarded in school or even is achieving high grades in class exams, you must acknowledge this and congratulate them. If they have a glowing report in a parent-teacher meeting then be proud and tell your child how happy you are with them. The indescribable feeling of pride as a child in this case will lead to more confidence which is vital during the exams. You must congratulate them of course, but at the same time you have to keep them grounded and ensure they stay focused for the exams themselves.

Be There When Help Is Needed

As a child, there is nothing better than a parent helping when you are in desperate times. Whether it is helping create a study timetable, buying a membership to an online study site such as ExamLearn , or even simply dropping them to the library. Try to implement a sense of responsibility with your child. Simple conversations about future college plans and career goals can help students understand the importance of putting in the work now. This inside motivation is the most powerful force that can drive them forward in their studies.

Accept Your Child For Who They Are

You may see other children constantly getting A’s in school. You may be disappointed if your child can not replicate this. However, you must understand this. As long as your child is working as hard as they can, then you should be satisified. Let’s say your child studied as hard as they can for an exam but they still could not get A, you must accept this and be proud. Yes, you could maybe pay for a online study site or possibly grinds, but as long they are working to achieve their maximum potential, then just be happy with them.

People are beginning to forget how everyone is a genius at something. So, maybe your child has not found what they are a genius in yet, maybe they have. But, if it is not being a genius in school, then do not worry, they will find their own way in the world. Einstein once said one of the greatest quotes of all time, and I believe some parents of students just need to be reminded of it sometimes.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

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