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For most students, the Junior Cert can be seen as a very important set of exams, and to be nervous is only normal. You dread the stress of studying every day, but you understand you must do it in order to do well. There is a large chance you will pay for some sort of aid to help you study, whether it is grinds, revision books or a subscription to a study website. So I ask you this, why would you not use ExamLearn, a study website which simplifies how to prepare for these dooming exams? Firstly, let me explain why you should use it.

No Better Website

To put it bluntly, ExamLearn is ahead of any other study website for the Junior Cert, it is as simple as that. It offers exactly what any student needs. Notes in the subjects which cover every single topic to the very last detail. Exam answers to many of the Junior Cert exams of the past years – answers completed by the creators who have sat the exams the previous year and received an A in all the subjects. As well as this, personal advice within every subject on how to tackle the exams and maximise your chances of achieving your full potential. There is also a blog where students can discuss any topics or problems between themselves.

Creators got all A’s

The three workers of this website got 30 A’s between them, with the two founders achieving 11 A’s in their 11 higher level subjects. Any student must feel very confident relying on the content on this website to allow them get them whatever they want in the exams, considering this content is exactly what these creators solely used when achieving these perfect grades.

Creator-student Relation

The workers at ExamLearn all did the Junior Cert in 2015 – they know exactly what it is like, how you must prepare and the feelings of pride when receiving what you want. This relationship between the workers and students is priceless as the workers can easily relate to any problems these students may have. I feel there is no disputing the fact that this is a lot better than a teacher or an adult in general trying to relate to the students needs. The ‘ask an admin’ service highlights this relationship as any student can simply ask one of the creators anything they need to know and they will get a reply within minutes.

No Need to Break the Bank

It can be truly astonishing how expensive grinds can be – some being €20 an hour, some even as much as €50 an hour. These prices are clearly difficult to pay regularly coming up to exams. As well as this, a lot of study websites charge about €5 per month. At the end of the day, the facts are there for you. ExamLearn, which costs just €40 for access to absolutely everything, gives you not only everything any other study website offers in terms of quality and necessity, but it offers content which is of an obvious higher standard than anything else too. It is by far the cheapest study website, and it is a terrific bargain if you realise what it offers. If I were a parent, this website would be a perfect option to invest in my child’s education.

User-Friendly and Attractive

At first glance, the website can take your breath away with some beautiful images on the various pages. The website is laid in a way that makes it as easy as possible for anyone to get exactly what they want as quick as they want – who would not like that? Not only this, but the general attractiveness of ExamLearn and the sense of a modern style to online learning from this website is undisputable. There is a blend of beauty and simplicity to the site, which helps anyone to learn in such an attractive online environment.

I hope you can now agree that there is no reason as to why you should use any other study website for the Junior Certificate or even waste your money on grinds, as ExamLearn will allow literally any student who is willing to put their best effort into their study to achieve their best possible grades. So, I will ask you again – why would you not use ExamLearn?

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