Tips to get an A in Art

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Art Project Advice

The art project can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire Junior Cert. It is a yearlong burden which constantly needs attention and can be a little bit overwhelming.

Art is often seen as one of the most difficult subjects to achieve a high grade in the Junior Certificate. This is very true, especially for those without a natural talent to produce wonderful, artistic work. However, with a few straightforward tips, you can receive a great result in this subject in your junior cert.

Make a Timetable and Set Deadlines

This may appear to be quite an obvious tip, but you would be shocked as to how many people do not bother with this. It is key to have a planned, organised timetable of your art schedule, in order to ensure you complete each section of the art exam, and to make sure that you do not forget any part.

By staying on top of your tasks, your confidence in the subject will grow because you know for certain that you are on target to complete everything you need to complete. If you fall behind on deadlines, you must not panic. It is understandable due to the hectic year you are having. However, you must make time to catch up, or else you will see yourself on a downward spiral with no end. A properly organised yearly timetable will prevent you from getting stressed on the overwhelming workload of junior cert art and will allow you to achieve success in this subject.

Study the Marking Scheme

This is how you will get that A grade which you are craving. A huge amount of talented art students produce wonderful pieces of work to the examiner, but have not studied the marking scheme so do not actually know exactly what to put in the various pieces of work. This causes them to underachieve, even though they may be extremely good at art. This is a tough reality for them to face, so make sure you do not fall into this looming trap.

You just need to study what the examiner wants to see in the various sections of the project and provide them with exactly what they want. If you combine a high enough standard of art, with the contents fitting all of the credentials within the marking scheme, then you should prepare yourself for a high grade. Studying the marking scheme allows you to maximise the marks being awarded to you as you have followed the guidelines.

Presentation is Key

This is usually the difference between the A’s and the B’s. Presentation is something which can really take your project to the next level. An impressive presentation and layout of your work can actually make your artwork itself look better, so it allows people who may not be very confident in their art ability to really overachieve in the junior cert.

You must be willing to just spend those extra 5 minutes to make your preparatory sheet, support studies or 2d piece look brilliant by perfecting its layout and presentation. You should have everything looking in sync on the page, making sure nothing is out of place. I cannot stress the importance of your presentation, because it really can allow you to get high marks – all it takes is patience to achieve this perfection.

View Past Projects

This is so important to do. It gives you an insight into the standard of artwork you must produce. It allows you to really see what you need to do to achieve a specific grade. Above all, looking at past projects can actually help you in deciding how to layout your work, or even give you advice as to what you want you to put in your work.

It can often be very difficult to find past projects of students as not many students upload their projects online, and if they do it can often be very difficult to find examples of projects which received the various grades, so you may not see the standard you need to produce in order to get a specific grade. One place where you can see past projects which will inevitably aid you in getting the best result possible is JC-Learn, with many examples of past projects alongside the grade it received.

Importance of Media Variety

Use a variety of media throughout your project. This will really make your project stand out from the crowd. A great idea is to incorporate at least three different materials on a prep sheet or finished piece, as it really makes the prep sheet that bit more exciting. Something like a feather or snake skin (obviously only if it relates to your finished piece) on your prep sheet is a great idea, and something which is highly rewarded by the examiner. A wide use of media throughout your project will show the examiner that you really do care about your project, and you want it to thrive alongside your classmates.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in the fact that anyone can get an A in art. The project is

done in a way that you are awarded for hard work not your skill so don’t worry if you’re not the best artist as long as you work the hardest you will get an A. If you really do try your hardest, then you can get the best possible result, but it does take patience, dedication and passion to art. Examiners will notice someone who was passionate about their project, and they will reward this.

It is like anything in life – if you put in the work and time, you will reap the rewards. So, if you believe in yourself throughout the year and believe in your ability to get a high grade in art, then you will achieve your maximum potential.


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